Bekkum Memorial Library strives to be transparent to the public.  The library is primarily funded through tax money from three sources: City of Westby, Vernon County and the State of Wisconsin.  The Budget Committee of the Library Board meets with the Director each August to formulate the following year’s budget.  Each year, the amounts of money coming from  Vernon County and the State are known ahead of time.  The amount of money from the County is totally based on circulation to the county’s townships the previous year.  Monies from the State of WI are distributed by the Winding Rivers Library System. After the budget is approved by the entire Board at their September meeting, the budget is shared with the City, and  a request for funding is presented at a Westby City Council meeting.

All meetings of the Bekkum Library Board and its committees are open to the public.

Meeting notices are posted in the Library, at the City Hall entrance and on our website.   Currently the Library Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room below the Library.

President: Kathy Anderson  Vice President: Danny Helgerson  Treasurer: Steve Michaels  Secretary: Kris Strand

Minutes of Meetings will be posted on-line after they are approved at the next regular Library Board Meeting.

Our mission statement: