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Getting a Library Card

Getting a Bekkum Memorial Library card is free! Applications are available at the Bekkum Memorial Library OR get an e-card!

E-Library Card Registration

New!  If you or others in your family don’t yet have a library card & would like to try all the terrific FREE resources available, just fill out our E-Library Card Registration Form. Parents can enter their own email or phone to receive updates and easy management.  Already have a library card in the system? DON’T fill out another form!  Just log in with your barcode & password (usually the last four digits of your phone). You are ready to go!  Call (608) 634-4419 for assistance.

Requirements for getting a library card are as follows:

An adult must complete and sign an application and present:

  • A current valid ID with photo, name, and current address (driver’s license, Wisconsin state ID, etc.)


  • An ID with photo and name, and another piece of current identification which must include name and current address. Accepted forms of address are: personal check; current telephone, gas, electric or cable bill; or lease agreement. (Post office box numbers and general delivery are not accepted.)

A youth, age 15 or younger, must present a completed and signed application that includes the signature of a parent, stepparent, foster parent, or legal guardian. The guardian must also present identification as described above, and must be willing to accept full responsibility for fines and charges on that child’s card.

Anyone without a fixed address may use a letter from the social service agency where he or she receives mail to certify their local residency.

Organizations providing facilities and regular care for residents may apply for a caregiver/educator card. Stop by the Library to pick up a caregiver/educator application.



Holds: Notifications and Picking Up

Shoutbomb is the newest way for you to keep up to date on your account:

  • Receive text notices about items on hold, items due soon, overdue items, and fines.
  • Renew your items by requesting a renewal through text and receive a reply back with the result of your request.
  • Manage multiple library accounts/cards using the same phone number.

Picking up holds

To ensure your safety and privacy, we will remind you to always present your library card when picking up materials.

In order to pick up your own holds, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Present your physical library card.
  • Present your ID so that we can verify your identity.
  • Completely and correctly answer a series of questions to confirm your identity.

Picking up someone else’s holds
In order to pick up someone else’s holds, you must present that person’s library card.

Picking up a minor’s holds (under the age of 16)
In order to pick up a minor’s holds, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Present the minor’s library card.
  • If an adult comes in to pick up a minor’s holds, without the minor present, the adult must be able to completely and correctly answer a series of questions to confirm the identity of the  minor who placed the hold request.
  • If only the minor is present, the minor must be able to completely and correctly answer a series of questions to confirm identity.


Replacing Your Library Card

If a library card is lost or stolen, please report it to the library immediately. A library cardholder is responsible for all materials, fines, and fees charged against their library card until its loss is reported to the Library. To be issued a new card, you will need to either present a current valid ID with name or must be able to completely and correctly answer a series of questions to confirm identity.

Seasonal Residents, Visiting Professionals, People in Transition
For individuals who cannot provide proof of current address or property ownership within the state of Wisconsin, the library offers a short-term card with limited privileges. A short-term card is issued for three months and limits the number of items to be checked out to five. This card allows access to the Internet. Some form of identification is required, such as an out-of-state driver’s license, a Social Security card, or a letter of support from a supporting agency.


Your WRLSWEB Library Responsibilities

  • Any library materials checked out on a card are the sole responsibility of that cardholder.
  • Users will promptly return all borrowed items by the due date or pay overdue charges.
  • Users will pay any replacement costs assessed for lost, unreturned, or damaged items.
  • Users will not lend their library card to others.
  • Users will promptly report any change in contact information.
  • Users will promptly report a lost or stolen card.
  • Users will obey the rules of behavior when visiting the library.
  • If signing a library card application for a juvenile, the parent or guardian accepts responsibility for fines and charges on the child’s card and acknowledge that it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility, not the library’s, to monitor and approve the child’s choice of materials and/or other information resources.
  • Failure to act responsibly may result in the suspension of library borrowing and use privileges, and that failure to pay library fines or return materials may result in local and state criminal penalties.
  • WRLSWEB library card holders agree to comply with the policies of each member library with which they do business.